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the recording and mixing is horrible[/quote]



Oh wow, I didn’t realise they had actually sent a legal letter about the piece. Always assumed the threat just was them puffing their chest out again.

Sorry to hear about all that.


Using quotes correctly? What’s using quotes correctly etc etc


Wait… they sent you legal threats off the back of your article? Talk about thin skinned.

I loved that record when it came out and it still gets a spin every now and then.

(I also still giggle every time I think about the singer’s name being Colin for some reason - it seems so inappropriate for the front man of that band)


If you want something tangible, I have been contacted by numerous people who have been messaged by their official Facebook account. The messages were prompted by nothing more than expressing a negative opinion of the band and their behaviours online.

These are people who have been threatened with legal action and had got in touch with me wondering if I had any advice because I wrote that article assuming I may have some words of wisdom as to how to react to this ridiculous situation. None of these incidents amounted to anything more damaging than some strange messages (that I know of), and I can only assume were done to try and intimidate the person into silencing their feedback on the behaviours of these individuals.

I bring this up now because the most recent one was just a month ago. There is no evidence of any lessons having been learned. They could announce a gig being supported by The Beatles for all I care, but this kind of predatory, intimidating behaviour is symptomatic of a proactively warped perspective that is unnecessarily impacting others too.


fucking hell…


i know this is like over a year ago but I remember mascara story lol what a band for the ages


I think sometimes amongst all the general BS that goes on, we forget that things got quite nasty for a time (sounds like they still are). I understood that having an opinion on a band isn’t (as yet) a crime. At least until after Brexit.


This will always be the best quote from the long, tedious exchange I had with the band’s twitter account

Any negativity will not help the record come out any sooner but may help anyone working against the band.

It’s all a vast conspiracy against them, don’t you know?


Wow, maybe negative press was easier to cover up in 2003. It’s actions like this unnecessary legal action and the bizarre purchase of Facebook likes that set My Vitriol apart.

It seems all their effort and money is used to protect a fictional image of the band that only they believe, rather than getting on with writing new music and gigging as a full band.


Incredible. They just blocked me from commenting on their page and that was that. Maybe that was why I got that friend request from the drummer.


Interestingly, all communication I’ve been allowed to have with the band has been through someone called ‘Peter’. The weird thing is that I’ve never been able to find the real-life existence of a ‘Peter’ other than through the band’s Facebook mediums. It’s not like the band have been shy of their personaly Facebook presence, you can find their members through a cursory search using their real name. There’s been the handful of people who have stepped up on Facebook to defend the band publically too (“There yer dinner you cunt” etc.) yet the only communication I managed to get to talk to was Peter and always through the band’s official accounts. I’m not alone in my dealings with Peter, his email is even fit into the limited characters of the band’s Twitter biography.


Despite me requesting for direct quotes from the band while writing the article, the only communications I was allowed to have were channelled through this person who called himself ‘Peter’.

From the thread, it seems that some of the bad behaviour of the band has been partially excused (whether consciously or subconsciously) by the idea that someone else has been doing these dickish things without the band’s full knowledge of how they were being represented. I’m not speaking for everyone here, just those who were trying to give the benefit of the doubt to a band who they once loved.

With such secrecy about the band themselves, it’s hard to get any idea of how much of this behaviour they knew about. Instead we’re left to fill in the pieces around these interactions, such as Ravi’s attempts to ‘friend’ any person on Facebook who’d said anything that could be perceived as negative about the band. I don’t know anyone who has accepted said friend request, so unfortunately, the reason for this behaviour remains a mystery to this day.

This is a band without any label representation, this is a band whose continued existence is down to two individuals who continue to keep the name ‘My Vitriol’ alive. It seems crazy that they would be paying someone to act on their behalf considering the relative anonymity of the band 16 years after their first album was released.

Does Peter exist? I don’t know. There’s so much about the band that I would love to know if I had a way of finding out. There was always a part of me that wanted to write a story about how My Vitriol rose from the ashes to prove all the haters wrong. A success story after a period of negativity was basic Hollywood fodder. I wanted there to be a reason for all of this erratic behaviour. Instead I got little more than you could piece together from the information available in the public domain.

The one person who I never managed to hear anything directly from was Som Wardner, as far as I know, anyway. This isn’t North Korea, this is a band making music that they hope others will like too. In this day and age, you can tweet the President Of The United States Of America and he’ll probably read it. The whole thing has been baffling to me, and I wonder if we’ll ever know the truth behind it all.


Classic Leo


Fixed that for them



Fuck. This. Band. (details blurred for anonymity)


Feel a bit left out


Let’s start a kickstarter for the legal defence, counter sue for harassment


I’ve done a two day course in civil litigation, I’ll do it for free.


Seriously fuck this band. Whatever their intentions for the comeback, they have failed - they are now the exact opposite of what a band should be: threatening and exploiting their fans with substandard material to boot. Shameful.


I’ve met Peter! :joy: