My Vitriol






Is it this bloke?


I completely missed the legal threat drama you’re talking about? This is regarding your ‘whatever happened to My Vitriol’ article?

Looking in this thread at your posts I can’t see one where you mentioned it but it rings a bell so did the posts get deleted or am I just having a weird moment.

Anyway, this legal threat business is completely off the scale awful. Fuck them.


The last messages before I blocked them (for context on FOTL, they had previously said “I notice you mentioned Future of the Left. They keep coming up in all this. Are you involved with them?”)


who do they think they are?


:smiley: i love that they got so paranoid about FOTL purely because we all kept using them as an example of how to use pledgemusic properly. still a bit gutted that Falco’s superb MV rants at the Glasgow gig a year ago weren’t repeated in London for the live album.

asking for your address and asking for damages for a negative article is psychotically creepy


also i’m enjoying how you quoted to them how the terms of pledgemusic are supposed to work and they’ve basically said “oh so you’re taking their word for it are you?”


Good lord. What awful people.

I’m sorry you had to go through all this nonsense.


Do you think this is why there are so few reviews of their live shows (and afaik none of The Secret Sessions) online? I mean, I’d imagine that part of it is because few people really give a shit about them these days, but still.


Good point actually. I wonder if The Skinny got a legal letter after publishing a scathing review of MV’s Edinburgh gig.


I could ask them, I guess?


I managed to find some reviews of The Secret Sessions on Discogs

CD-R only (green-blue layer). Colour printed label-side. Digipak without booklet/lyrics.

Here’s the answer I got from their management when I aired my opinion on the matter:
“This was due time restraints - it was already delayed due to issues out of the bands control, and also they needed a plant who could dispatch within the U.K. where most of the orders were from. Why has this been a disappointment for you? The manufacturer assured the quality of CD-R used was very high and the degradation would not be dissimilar to a glass master CD. It was the only option for manufacture within the U.K. Yours is the only message we have received about the CD-R issue actually.”


If you could pls.


I didn’t realise they were CD-Rs! :rofl: How many pressing plants did they call? One?!


“Firstly I have to say I really like this album, the songs are awesome. Sadly what let’s it down is the mastering, the sound isn’t crystal clear, as someone else has pointed out it sounds muddy which spoils the overall enjoyment of this disc. Also coming out on a CDR isn’t cool, especially as this CD was quite expensive to buy.
Despite this I like it & will be going to see them in May”

Mastering? What’s mastering?!?!?! :rofl:


Gonna give them an iTunes review


£15 for a CD-R. £30 for a signed CD-R.


Would you like me to sign a CD-R and send you one? £30 pal.


Good God what awful bullies. Sorry you went through all that.