My Vitriol


so future of the left were setting them up the whole time? damn


We’ll see how this goes:


Cheers mate. Look forward to reading their response!


I know the author, I’ll ask


That is actually raw, disgusting, fucking reprehensible behaviour. Like a human ooze of shittiness percolating your way. I sort viewed all their fuck-ups and delusions as being cute foibles beforehand, but that’s pretty sinister, even if they are throwing around imaginary weight.


I’m pretty ignorant about technical matters but is that why it takes forever for the CD(-R) to actually start playing?


was this to Ryan or Tallah (music editor) or both (out of interest)?


I sent it to Tallah and the hello@ email (as they were the contact emails on their website!)


Ok, I’m guessing she hasn’t replied? I can message her if you like!


They’re probably pretty busy so leave it for now, but maybe message her this time tomorrow if we’ve not heard anything?


Might start charging this for my DiS Mixtapes


Just to say that I heard back from them and to the best of Tallah’s knowledge they’d not heard anything from the band or their management so I guess that’s good? She said she will check with the guy who writes the piece.




Ryan hasn’t had anything but I’ve linked him to @ma0sm’s post


Absolute scum down the line then: CDRs, threats of legal action against negative reviews, sockpuppets and fake managers. Incredible.


Any band that has a ‘legal team’, but no stand in bassist, proper drumkit and who thinks CD-Rs are acceptable for a professional release (took me 30 seconds to find a UK manufacturer like has their priorities seriously screwed up.

I can only imagine after a long day serving writs to daft pseodonyms on internet message boards, the lawyer submitted payment for their time…only to be met with “INVOICING? WHAT’S INVOICING?”


“Sorry, we don’t accept payment in form of a blank 99p CD from Woolworths containing your signature on it.”


You can still buy the CD as a limited, numbered release

I wonder what number they’re on now?


Som is a nutjob, isn’t he?


Bit confused where is som?