My Vitriol


His name on Facebook is Drew Manors.


Jesus fucking christ. Thats fully mad (and racist, and not actually true). Everything they do just gets worse and worse tbh - that shit with @ma0sm is so fucking unacceptable too. Bunch of twats.

Also, why the fuck would Hashtag Obama follow the singer from a mediocre turn-of-the-century shoegaze band? What is that even supposed to mean?


So that’s how he’s paying the bills



(And yes we know #Obama follows me. Maybe he’ll bloody learn something. I definitely don’t follow back.)



Why do all shysters feel the need to broadcast tha they have six “jobs” like this. Its always CEO of this, Director this. Who do they think laps this shit up?


Ah, Som Wardner is an anagram of Drew Manors


you fucking prick


given mv’s behaviour throughout this debacle, it’s no great surprise that som’s a trump fanboy, really. they’re clearly cut from the same cloth.


It’s the pseudonym he uses when he’s not using Peter.



MyVitriol still follow me on twitter after I mentioned them in a tweet.


Do you follow back, though?


You can teach them a thing or two


I did. They like retweeting praise.





Game of Pricks. I like the irony of them covering a band that can famously make classic records for no money and put out 3 albums in a year.




Ironically (maybe) they first released a cover of it about fifteen years ago.


Two Ratm covers in a row


IKR? What exactly does an ‘instrumental tease’ of Bullet In The Head sound like when it’s at home anyway