My Vitriol


I don’t think an adjective has been invented yet that describes this thread.


The bass intro is quite distinctive


The Obama thing is odd but then when he stepped down a bunch of people realised he was following them on Twitter who weren’t particularly famous or anything so I have a feeling his team (or maybe he himself?) followed a huge cross-section of people on social media picked via some kind of specific process, maybe?

That’s an FB post from Instagram I think? Or maybe an Instagram post so I guess he follows people on other platforms too.


Haha oh no thats so much more rational than i was hoping for on the MV thread


They’re definitely planning to play the full song at some stage in the future, but there are technical issues and delays and distribution is a thing and it’s so hard playing a song these days so thanks for your money we’ll definitely play something for you though just wait for the full thing it’ll be amazing!

In the meantime, here’s eight bars of someone else’s tune

  1. Bullet in the Head (RATM Cover)
  2. Som mentions he’s free for selfies after the show for the low, low price of £5
  3. Bulls on Parade (RATM Cover)
  4. Som blocks #Obama from his twitter feed


  1. Cochise (Audioslave Cover)


Obama follows me, and I have like 200 followers or something. It’s definitely because I followed him in the lead up to 2008 and they must’ve had a bunch of campaigners just following people back like crazy.


- Som Wardner


Maybe he’ll learn something.


Like this?


same drumkit as Ravi and all


You mean that’s NOT them?


Careful, that’s suing talk


They emailed everyone a new demo! Aw.


“Relatively busy”


New demo! Written between the Finelines and Between The Lines sessions!

“Hey Dad, did you like the jumper I bought you for Christmas?”
“Yes it’s lovely, thank you!”
“Oh glad you like it. It’s been sitting at the back of my wardrobe since 2008, was a bit creased but looks alright after a bit of an iron!”


I’ve tried to contact the band through facebook to ask if they could provide the lyrics of their last album but they said to wait until someone posts them on songmeaning or other lyrics websites. Being english my second lenguage I can’t understand much of what is being said. Can anyone help me? I went to both their show at Scala and to the Finelines anniversary in London and neither of those times I knew their newer material and it was pretty frustrating

“Som can’t be bothered to open a Word document from his desktop to copy and paste it into a fb message, so just wait until someone else does it. thanks”




this would seem to prove that they’ve failed to understand that in the modern world fans expect artists to engage with them and not at like aloof wankers and stay silent for ages


turns out the new record is just this and the old mv thread set to music, and som’s a bit embarrassed about it.