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Putting the “ullsh” into Bitcoin




Sorry, somehow missed tbe previous post. Ive flAgged myself. Purlease delete.


find this really really funny for some reason.

can fully understand artists not bothering to reply to messages asking them for lyrics, but there’s something hilarious about responding to say no and to wait until a fan posts them on :smiley:

do you reckon Som’s been checking lyrics sites everyday to see if anyone has cared enough to type them up yet? “any day now…”


would add comedy versions of their lyrics myself if I had any imagination


If it wasnt for Som unleasing the MV legal squad I’d be tempted to add the lyrics from the @ma0sm masterpiece to every single one.


wonder if there is anything illegal about doing that


And songmeanings. Not, which is the go-to for this kind of thing these days, but, the ‘02 emo-kids website of choice… OH.


song meanings needs to modernise, but I prefer it to genius because genius only has one interpretation which often seems wrong


Loooool look what I found

Wonder how much I can get for it?


You can do great things with unsellable vinyl these days. Melt it and make it into a fruit bowl maybe ?


reckon you’d get a couple quid, might have to knock it down a bit for the scribbles though


If only Som had designed to sign it, I’d have been able to find their new EP


Nah you’re alright


Thought you were taking the piss, given the general feel of this thread.

Discogs tells me that lots of people want it, so bang it on there and see what happens.


I was! Sorry I thought I was just carrying on the joke that a signed MV single isn’t fit to serve as a melted fruit bowl :nerd_face:


hahah. I’ve lost the ability to be able to read what people actually mean. If I ever had it in the first place :):grinning:


He’ll be need to fundraise for a pen before he can do that…