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My Vitriol sign to Killing Moon Management
By Andy Malt | Published on Tuesday 20 February 2018

My Vitriol

My Vitriol have signed a new management deal with Killing Moon. The band are set to release new music later this year.

“We are excited to partner with Killing Moon”, says frontman Som Wardner. “On meeting Achal and his team, we knew the positive energy and enthusiasm that they bring to the projects they work on would be a great asset alongside their collective experience in their respective fields. We are looking forward to getting creative together!”

The company’s MD, Achal Dhillon adds: “The music industry has taught me that life is generally just one gag after the other – the things you want the most sometimes never work out, and the things that you’ve only dreamed of being possible just suddenly happen almost by themselves”.

He continues: “My Vitriol were one of the most important bands to me in my teenage years, and of course that means they’re still very important to me now and the band’s debut ‘Finelines’ is still an album that I hold so dear to my heart. If you had told me all the way back in 2001 that I would ever be working with My Vitriol, I’d have told you to shut your lying gob. I’m beyond pleased the band have decided to join the KM family and can’t wait to show the world what we have in store for them”.

The band released that debut album, ‘Finelines’, in 2001, going on hiatus two years later. Since 2005, they have performed a number of live shows, as well as releasing a handful of EPs and direct-to-fan album ‘The Secret Sessions’.


The band are set to release new music later this year.

Provisional date, 32nd December?


My Vitriol promising music this year…new secret session to be released in 2031


Unsure if typo


Ah, that’s what it’s called


*direct-to-bin album





like the film


I don’t understand this.


oh aye


very sorry to hear that


So that’s where all the pledge money is going to then.


Fanbase-only album


Featuring Fanbase-only songs


full morrissey :smiley:


Actually ‘direct-to-fan album’ sounds pleasingly (and accurately) metaphorical


I find so it dispiriting* that terms like ‘Finelines’ and ‘2001’ are still used as the only interesting points of value within a 2018 press release.



Pretty telling isn’t it.“Finelines, hiatus, then … a few gigs?”


Looking forward to their inevitable falling-out with their new management delaying album #3 until 2025.


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