My Vitriol


This is like that press release GAME put out when they announced they were going to start having concessions stands in Sports Direct. (link)


Just a reminder for how great this is.

I haven’t opened this thread in months but thought of ma0sm’s track the moment I woke up. Just read through the few hundred replies I missed.

Nothing has changed. We’re still on electric drum machines and fanbase only demo releases. My Vitriol you utter pisshouse.


And download enabled too!


Got to blast it again, so good :smiley:


They’ve just been announced for 2000Trees Festival…


Acoustic? Special hologram set?


im reviewing this! im 100% going to be there, so exciting


ooh i hope they send me legal threats when i say that their electric drums dont sound very good


oh fuck off didnt realise this had been announced


see you there! (not at My Vitriol)


I’ll spend the whole weekend waiting at their stage


Cost you an extra £80


Alright, The Kayas.


I’m going as well :smiley:


VINE! Let’s do a meat and sing @ma0sm’s song at them.




***HORN LOOP ***


my vitriooooooooool


I dunno how long I’ve spent reading this thread and I dunno what I’ve gained from it but here i am, finally at the end


Thoroughly recommend a second viewing to mop up all the bits you may have missed. It’s basically the new Twin Peaks.