My Vitriol


The end? This is but the beginning my friend.


Did I only say the end? I meant the end of chapter one obviously


Can’t get mastering? what’s mastering out of my head


“SEPTEMBER 31ST” is the earworm I get from that one.


I’ve made it all this way and still haven’t listened to a single MV song


This is chapter 2 chapter 1 is on the old boards


dunno if you or @andyvine care but Jonah Matranga has been announced, doing Water & Solutions in full which is a bit lovely


my mate that im going with is a big fan. apparently i saw him at sheffield city hall once during tramlines and told this mate that i thought it was a bit boring. i have no memory of this, so it must have been proper boring :smiley:


poor jonah!

his solo stuff is a tad dull but Water and Solutions is a great album, have a go!


Haha, this post


Guys, can you please talk about your festival plans in another thread? Whilst I hope you all have a jolly good time, I get a notification every time this thread gets replied to, and you’re diluting the fun.


sorry, no


There’s a cracking opportunity here for Dom to review Som (Dom On Som) at one of the forthcoming gigs. The war of words could be epic.

Too soon?


He just put an instrumental 40 second clip of a Depeche Mode cover up on Soundcloud. For some reason.


Who has? Som or @ma0sm ?




MaS0sm, S0masm, MaS0mism. SaD0ma0S0mism.


Your own
Fanbase Only




Spreaking of fanbases, do you think Grouper’s groupies are called Groupies or Grouperies? I assume groupies are “no longer a thing”.