My Vitriol


You can’t spell @ma0sm without s0m


ma0sm? What’s ma0sm?


Just to say I went to bed early last night with the intention of reading my book but ended up reading 2/3 of this thread again. Might add it to my Goodreads list.


Which one of you sent me that cryptic message on Twitter then (now deleted)?


In other news, looks like and its forum are now gone.


i believe it is now a fanbase only website.


ooh what was it?




aww. i always liked how it shows up on google




It’s the mailing list that just keeps on giving -


We sure live in crazy times


We have recorded a slightly different version of an old tune. Crazy times.


“from the classic that it is” :smiley:


Produced in a few days!




Wow is still down. It was (in)active for so many years, it’s hard to believe the site finally is not working. So many archived My Vitriol media files and threads in the wind.

The new Depeche mode cover is good but the production is still hovering around demo quality like the secret sessions. Would be awesome if they could afford a real producer.


“As we know in this era of streaming this is a common request, as we had a lot for The Secret Sessions”

Pretty sure that was people “requesting” their money back, Som


Note no vocals on the teaser. I guess they’ve not got around to learning how to produce them yet?


Production? What’s production? (cue Som rapidly googling “free BTECS in Production”)…