My Vitriol


It may only be a cover, but I think the fact that they’re getting stuff recorded and out-there-in-some-way again has gotta be a positive thing (if you’re still in this thread with optimism rather than Schadenfreude)


Wonder what’s so new about the studio setup?



The full cover came out with vocals already


Is this no longer the snark at My Vitriol thread?


Now where can I buy an Enjoy My Vitriol Coca Cola parody t-shirt?!?


I hadn’t realised the Secret Sessions was now fully out on Spotify. I’ll have to get involved with that.


You’ll need a Fanbase Only Spotify account though


When they do silly things, I think it’s fair game, but they’re still just flawed individuals who are endeavouring to crack on and make music, which I for one can relate to.


And also, finelines was pretty good, and always your way is incredible


‘My Vitriol’ and ‘crack on’ are not phrases that are accustomed to being in the same sentence.



Oh god what have I done…


setting up a street team in the year of our lord 2018. wait til they discover myspace!


I’m signing up


Does distributing in this forum count?


Think it is fair to say their is a lot of interest in my vitriol on these boards


Their sales have probably spiked to 300% like Elbow’s do the day after ever Mercury Prize nomination


a possible internship with the management team. Or, maybe even a stint in the band on electric drums or kazoo !


You start on the 31st September (year to be determined)