My Vitriol


Just sent this email:


Contact number:

City (and Country) of residence:

Social media links:

How you discovered MV, & how long you’ve been a fan:

Wish me luck!


What an utterly embarrassing idea. This band are severely stuck in a 2001 timewarp.


I could actually pass as a super fan here - I have a photo of me in a My Vitriol t shirt taken on my 16th birthday and I’m still talking about them relentlessly 15 years later…


Does anyone know who their management are?


No. Not even them.


Whoever wins the internship.


Speaking of early 2000’s time warps, anyone seen the 2000 trees lineup?

‘Undead Raisins’ Colin and Andy play Hundred Reasons…!


fucking hell are sikth still a thing?


They had an album out last year! I still haven’t really listened to it


It’s not great; I saw them play earlier this year; they only played 2 songs from it.


i am jack’s complete lack of surprise


the ep from a couple of years back was much better, though.


so have they been going constantly this whole time or did they split and then reform?


This, though I saw them at Koko for a reformation gig what feels like years ago now


they broke up in late 2007, then got back together for some shows around 2014, released that ep in late 2015 and then the album last year. Justin left the band again sometime before the album, I don’t think he’s on it. he was replaced by someone from Aliases, I think. not sure why he left the band, but he was in the crowed when i saw them and he got on stage to shout along at the very end of the final song.

you are now more up to date than you really need to be with goings on of SikTh.

(edit: one of the guitarists from SikTh was/is in Aliases, hence the link, i guess)


your diligence is much appreciated. i remain baffled that sikth is still a thing in 2018, but i do now at least understand the mechanics of the situation.

my thanks to you and @Scott_Chegg


That is ok. Sorry for derailing the thread with a band that released music back in early 2000s and then came back to actually make more music


yeah! those industrious pricks! fuck 'em.


Can we keep this on topic, 10 unread posts got my hopes up


i’m so sorry.