My Vitriol


@tkc ive been a few times now, i love it so much. headliners can be a bit hit and miss but they got refused on the saturday night a few years ago and that was stunning, perfect end to the weekend


Just thought it worth bringing this to the forefront of people’s minds again - whenever I see the words My Vitriol written down, this is what I think of


Yep, genuine member.

When I saw them drummer was facing crowd as normal. Sounded fine.


Too right, I still love this


Merry Christmassssss!!!


Does each copy come with the previous recipitent’s name scored out in biro?


They never said it was personalised with YOUR choice of name. They’ll just be repackaged as is.


I’ll just change my name to Maltem and I can have the copy in the pic


Alternative sizes to what…XXL? :joy:


I hope you didn’t forget about Dre


Any sign of delivery dates…?


Would almost buy a My Vitriol t-shirt and wear it to Primavera.