My Vitriol


Did not see this twist coming.


Seems to be hosted by Icke’s sons?

Incredible :smiley:


This is brilliant.


I lasted 3 minutes. Man is such a tit


Enjoying this fresh development


holy shit, some of the comments on that youtube video…


We’re through the looking glass here, people.



Good to see this juggernaut is still rolling on. Can you still get the coke bottle tee?


Dunno if it’s just me but Som sounds a bit like Boris Johnson in that podcast.

Had to turn it off after about 5 minutes when they started going on about Jordan Peterson


Good to see Soms decided to get a slice of that turning point UK money while it’s hot


they need to get a better microphone



:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


tried to see if Som had tweeted about this, forgot he blocked me :smiley:


Why are they saying it like Vee-triol


Yeah I did about the same, the comment on “real music fans…not just about your instagram photo” was when I decided that even if it was a weird car crash interview, I couldn’t go any further.

Som really strikes me as a premium snapchat* sort of guy anyway.

*subscription gets you access to one exclusive studio photo per month, disclaimer: may not be related to MV in any way




Jeez he’s a posh sod isn’t he? Had no idea. Also the comment about kids being indoctrinated by a governmental school “that doesn’t teach them how to buy a house or start a business… or any basic life skills” :joy:


I’m guessing it’s something that makes any lizards trying to listen turn off in pain and disgust.


But I turned it off…wai…