My Vitriol




Mark Beaumont still writes for the NME?!

(Also, indie hero lololololol£


Of course he’s a brexiteer. Of course he is.


He’s certainly not the one this country needs, but definitely the one we deserve


…well versed in global political history, socio-economic trends, deep-state new world order theories…

… but not the basic facts of how a record is produced and released or the Gregorian calendar.


Som Wardner, the clued-up, plugged-in and fiercely intelligent singer of My Vitriol.

Sorry, what?

  • Som Wardner, 32/09/2018


Must admit that Mark Beaumont is having a pretty decent stab at making Som seem like the more likeable of the pair.


Yeah, absolutley awful shit.


I like this approach to getting a new record deal


Like how the article still links to that one (and only) My Vitriol song I’ve heard that is apparently their best track and yet is just incredibly beige.


Main takeaway: being reminded that the Always Your Way video is really, really bad.


“The plan wasn’t exactly to be a Top 40 band. Nobody would name themselves My Vitriol if that was the plan … it doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue. When we got signed we only had* seven songs … we hardly knew each other as musicians.”

It’s all OUR fault people, they never wanted to make music for a living and the general public eventually put the band into a position of crippling pressure to make a homegrown CD.



And now we have eleven.


He wanted out of the manipulative, self-serving and doomed EU superstate

…everyone else wanted out of the manipulative, self-serving and doomed Kickstarter / MV mailing list.


Sounds like a pitch for a Richard Curtis film. My Vitriol Actually? The 31st September: A Self-Love Story? Wardner and Peace?


Som Like It Late


Ha ha ha ! Imagine writing an article about yourself, and referencing yourself in the third person !

Also - fiercely intelligent! Ha ha ha


Choon tho