My washing machine is shrinking stuff



even seems to be happening on cold wash.

ruined a couple of beautiful knitwear(s) in the so-called ‘handwash’

no good at all, man.

not sure what to do, tbh


Nah you’re washing machine is just getting bigger.


The clothes are just further away


Alight Rick Moranis.


Thought this was happening to me, turned out I was just getting fatter


Think we went through this quite recently but if there’s ever an appliance in desperate need of a fundamental redesign it’s the fucking washing machine. Smash a load of clothes into each other in soapy water and then spin and stretch them out of shape. They’re a joke.



Need to hand wash 100% wool knitwear, man. No way around it.


take this to Ripley’s Believe it or Not, you’ll be in the money!


i think i’ve been experienced a disappointing mixture of both