My week as a Muslim


Not sure what to say about this so far. I mean clearly we’re expecting a turnaround in her views and the trailers have clearly suggested this will be the outcome but…

Hearing the views she holds just now that seem so engrained in who she is and how she thinks about Britain it’s hard to see how any revelation will truly have the impact on her that years of being spoon fed right wing ignorant attitudes have had.

I dunno. Let’s see how this pans out.


“You don’t look British”


Oops, posted something similar in the evening thread. Just feels a bit wrong that they want to get a white woman’s take on it when, yknow, you could just ask and then listen to a Muslim woman/woman of colour.


Looks like, as per usual, it’s going to go “Muslim” as a blanket term and ignore the vast variation of sects and denomination and the huge cultural differences within that umbrella.


Not gonna watch it but did read this


Came here to say exactly this lol


Thanks! Just read that and as much as I understand their thoughts… I don’t know. It’s just making me, personally, really uncomfortable.
This was a related article and articulated it a lot better than I could;


Saw this opinion do the rounds on Twitter and I agree it should come from the Muslim community but just to suggest the other side - are the people who hold the same views as this lass likely to listen to the views of someone from that community? Are the makers being incredibly naive in thinking that anything as lightweight as this will change anyone’s views?

I think it needs to justify its existence a bit more.


Yeah this is total lightweight bollocks and the whole nose and teeth prosthetics are wholly unnecessary.

Some of the channel 4 documentary stuff is total fluff these days.


Completely. The whole take away of “oh you shouldn’t judge people by how they look on the outside”… groundbreaking, truly


The fuck?!


Yep. Pretty much.

Why the need to ‘brownface’ a white woman when you can simply just ask a Muslim woman of her experiences of prejudice.


Exactly! Seems really poorly thought out, IMO.
Obviously I’m posting as a relatively privaliged white woman but yeah… really thought it was heinous.
And yeah @colon_closed_bracket, it didn’t just skirt around appropriation, it seemed to just dive right in.
If anyone here feels differently then I’d love to discuss it but it left a truly sour taste in my mouth


The only rationale behind it was to change the myopic views of the white woman (her name escapes me). Still, surely there was a better way of changing views without the need to descend to such ham-fistedness.


There was a documentary where they followed an actual Asian family (I forget the religion) for a week moving into a house in a shitty part of Bristol with hidden cameras. Illustrated it just fine.


The whole idea of framing the understanding of Muslims via a white non Muslim woman (in brownface too ffs) is insulting, as if the program and its intentions wouldn’t be valid with an actual Pakistani mulsim woman. It’s really bloody difficult being a Muslim in the West atm, and I say that as a person who doesn’t wear a headscarf so doesn’t even have the problem of being visibly identifiable as a Muslim the way loads of women do. The whole thing is just a bit shit really :confused: