My workmate hasn't seen any of the original Rockys. He hasn't seen Rocky 1, he hasn't seen Rocky 2, he hasn't seen Rocky 3

4 or 5.

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Is Cobra any good?

I’ve only seen 1 - 4 (and Creed)

I’m not sure any others actually exist do they?

It’s amusing to me how much of the total running time of Rocky 4 is made up of montage and musical numbers


I’ve not seen it since the 80s - think it’s pretty shit

might watch Rocky II today

Not seen any of them. Or Creed. For someo0en who worked at HVM for 3 years, I’ve seen fuck all films tbh.

I watched five films in the Rocky series this weekend (II, III, IV, Creed, Creed II) and I have a lot to discuss.

For starters, I think Gonna Fly Now is obviously great, but of the core themes, Going The Distance is clearly the superior tune and should be celebrated thusly.

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As far as I know Rocky IV is the only film where a man punches a country into capitalism.


Rocky IV is so odd. I thought the shark would be jumped with the robot butler, but then you have the full rendition of Living in America followed by the weird musical montage of the film series. Absolutely no idea why Paulie is brought to Russia and who is looking after Rocky Jr whilst they’re there.

Have yet to watch Rocky V or Rocky Balboa (looking forward to that one) but my rankings as it stands:

Rocky II
Rocky III
Creed II
Rocky IV

I loved it when it came out (I was just a child) - but it is very very strange/ hilarious

What about Rocky V?!

Genuinely think Rocky IV might be one of my favourite films OAT. It’s an absolutely ridiculous film

Him lifting the local’s wagon when it’s fallen on it’s side is a great bit

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Cobra is fucking BRILLIANT. At one point he’s in a gunfight in a supermarket and he stops to open a can of lager.


Absolutely mad how much money Rocky made in comparison to it’s budget:



this is over 7 minutes long :slight_smile:

What a poster this is:


I havent seen any, cba