My workmate hasn't seen any of the original Rockys. He hasn't seen Rocky 1, he hasn't seen Rocky 2, he hasn't seen Rocky 3

I’ve only seen Rocky and also I have only seen First Blood.

I thought both were really good.

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Not seen any Rocky films. Not seen any Rambo films. Not seen Home Alone.

Seen Rocky but ages ago and can’t remember it. Is Rocky 2 3 and 4 him winning the boxing match at the end against the odds again?

First Blood is_emphasized text_ really goood.



he doesn’t win in Rocky 1


It’s a bit annoying when you watch Rocky and it’s got the great scene of ‘ain’t gonna be no rematch’, ‘don’t want one’ and then you watch Rocky II and Apollo has changed his mind an hour later.


A bit like how Rocky films became, alebit enjoyable, 80s razzmatazz after the gritty social commentary of the first one, the first Rambo film feels like a holdover from that classic 70s anti-american dream period.

The sequels became increasingly racist shoot em ups unfortunately - nowhere near as enjoyable as the Rocky series :-1:


Me neither.

TBF this seems like exactly the sort of thing that happens in boxing?

Watched Rocky I for the first time yesterday. Had only ever seen the weird one with the Russian baddie before.

Really enjoyed it. Thought Rocky was a really likeable character and liked the Seventies scuzziness. Found his mate a bit annoying though and thought he looked a lot older than he was supposed to be.

Rockys are shit
Boxing is shit
And maybe you are shit?

my old housemate from when i was a student had a rocky poster up in his bedroom. every time he left the house we’d go into his room and turn it upside down. cant remember why, think it was just coz it annoyed him. tbf hes still one of my best pals like 15 years on and i still do shit that winds him up just because i find it really funny when he gets wound up by stupid shit that i do


I’ve not seen any films

have you seen rocky


or rambo

or die hard

or home alone

rocky is a good film


^thats something he says in it


of the others die hard and home alone are good, rambo less so. home alone > die hard > rocky > rambo


I’ve heard about adrian. I don’t like christmas movies as a rule so not that keen on seeing them really.

Yes, that scene was unpleasant viewing. Didn’t even seem to fit with his character either given that he’d previously been complaining about the “creeps” on the street hassling women.

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Your story is falling apart like a wet cake my friend.


I don’t consider christmas movies as films

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