Myooze (muse)

the Drones tour film the other night was quite fun.

The only track they didn’t show that they should have was Stockholm Syndrome.

Knights of Cydonia is still quite the epic anthem live.

i saw macy gray that time, she was great

i tried my best to like muse, really i did, i was the right age and everything for the first two albums which i owned but rarely played due to them being utter shit. will make an exception for plug in baby, total tune

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Origin of symmetry was on pretty firm rotation when it came out. As with Antichrist Superstar, the Fragile, White Pony from a similar era Instill listen once a year or so when the mood takes me. Rarely regret doing so.

They lost me when ‘Time is running Out’ was played everywhere for months on end despite being shite.


Absolution is far more consistent than Origins of Symmetry imo. The Resistance was decent I thought, all downhill from there. Probably the harshest fall for a decent/good popular band since Coldplay’s output after the mid-2000s.

Yeah, not sure about Muse.


Saw them at Cambridge Corn Exchange a few months before Origin came out. Think the Cooper Temple Clause supported. Absolutely mega gig anyway.

Definitely spent way too much time and money tracking down all the CD singles from Showbiz as well. I suspect I sold them all around 2010 but they’re possibly still in a box at my mum’s.

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Think I saw this same tour, but at Birmingham Academy.

Fond memories of my mate Nick moaning about CTT because they had a keyboard player, when we’d gone to see Muse…


saw them at Earls Court after Absolution in Dec '04 - absolutely blew my mind at the time, hadn’t been to a huge amount of gigs at that point

Dead Star/In Your World is still an absolutely killer double A side


That was my first ever non-festival show. Fucking loved it.

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The live versions of those songs on Hullabaloo are superb. In fact that whole album really captures the band at their best

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I was at one of those Earls Court shows and a Glasgow show the year before. First times I’d seen them. Mind similiarly blown at the time. All a bit of a peak as it turns out.

First two album period they were amazing, probably the band that I had seen the most in my teenage years. First time I saw them was at the Irish Cente in 1999 supporting 3CR and The Donnas and then just went to see them everywhere.

After then it just seems like they lost the raw-ness and the whole stadium thing although pretty amazing was just a bit lost on me and didn’t really pay much attention thereafter. Still have a little soft spot for them though.

Wasn’t really into them for the first couple of albums because y’know, I already had The Bends, but eventually I had to accept that Absolution was great. The one after was okay, the single that sounds like Dr Who is quite good, but most of what they’ve done since Black Holes and Revelations has been a bit :grimacing:.

My dad bloody loves them though

Sounds like we’re all relatively united behind “it’s been a while since they made a particularly good record but they’re still great live”, then?

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