MySpace has lost all music uploaded from 2003-2015

MySpace was good for music, huh? For that short stretch of time it was THE place to go. Remember hearing Los Camp for the first time on there. An amazing Adam Gnade song that never appeared on any of his records. Early Fuck Buttons tracks that were like 15 minutes each.

I’m sure that everything lost for good will have very little value, I guess it’s just a bit weird to think of it all being gone?


I spent so much time on nyspace finding music cira 2005 to 2008 :frowning: sad that my memories have been deleted. Thanks matrix

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Spent a lot of time just browsing emo boards on there and finding bands with ridiculous names to listen to (Gallows Holier Than The Cross, Tunes for Bears To Dance To, The Birds Are Spies They Report To The Trees)

Fun times


Still a few things I only ever heard on myspace that think about often and wish I could hear again :frowning:

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It’s always in the last place you look


what would you do if ALL the music from 2003 to 2015 was lost forever. mysoace you idiot

Thank FUCK. I had some awful songs on there.


i thought they’d already gotten rid of it all. they seemed quite haphazard with old content when you looked up an old profile, lots of pictures and blog posts gone. you’d think they’d have prioritised preserving that above shite redesigns

but yeah lots of good memories of checking out bands for the first time there. remember FOTL debuting new songs on there long before release.

also remember feeling quite proud that Boy Kill Boy followed me out of the blue for some reason (never really listened to them though)

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remember when this was on literally everybody’s profiles? shame we’ll never be able to hear it again

MySpace was brilliant.

I used to spend hours trying to find the next band. Made online friends with loads of good bands too.

I noticed tracks didn’t play on stuff I checked recently but wasn’t sure why. Baffling that band profiles are active but music isn’t.

I remember when Test-Icicles put out their album and it linked to their MySpace and it seemed like the first official industry acknowledgement of its importance.

Tom is going to be in so much trouble.

Oh good, another friend request from kunt and the gang