Love a good old mystery/conspiracy, I do.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370:

  • One of the pilots did it
  • Hijacking
  • Some fault with the plane and no one was to blame
  • Manually controlled via the internet or something
  • Shot down and covered up
  • Landed somewhere and the crew and passengers were or are still alive
  • Other

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JFK assassination

  • Lone shooter with no ties to other organisations
  • CIA
  • Soviets
  • Mafia
  • Multiple shooters
  • Something shady definitely happened but we may never know
  • other

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Me seeing on six(?) occasions in a row now a single magpie

  • Sorrow will befall you
  • Spooky
  • Normal
  • Why are you keeping count of this?
  • Poor lonely magpies
  • How does the rhyme go after 4?

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all ambassadors are spies, and when ambassadors have to step down is because they’ve been caught spying

  • I agree
  • I disagree
  • I make a joke about ferrero rocher

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McCann disappearance

  • Parent(s) did it
  • One or more of the tapas 5 did it
  • Just wandered off and got lost
  • Abducted and still alive
  • Abducted and murdered
  • Other

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Ambassador, you’re really spying on us!


Marie Celeste

  • Boat was going to explode or something, everyone abandoned ship

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For the record every time I’m clicking other it’s to suggest the possibility that it was




  • Accident
  • Driver’s fault
  • Royal Family did it
  • Al Fayed did it
  • Other

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Flat Earth

  • science

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Denver Airport:

  • Concealing an underground bunker for the new world order
  • Just an airport

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Soviet and American astronauts were lost in space during the development of both their space programs:

  • Definitely
  • Probably
  • Doubt it
  • No way

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  • I remember the mid 90s adaptation of lost in space where matt le blanc played a hot shot fighter pilot
  • I have no memories of this
  • I have no memories of this and imagine my memories have been removed artificially

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Fell into a mysterious disappearances wiki hole at work a few weeks ago on a night shift.

This was by far my favourite


love this one

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Now I’ve got that Scroobius Pip prick’s voice in my head saying “Denver Airport! Just an airport!”


i’m so sorry


the MH 370 disappearance, just a disappearance.

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the JFK assassination, just an assassination

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Same. Found out about it through MF DOOM’s ‘Hoe Cakes’!