Every Friday a woman from a different company sends me (and just me) an email with an attachment on it. I have never opened the attachment. Been going on for at least three years. She is called Christina.

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Why do you continue to let her do this?

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What file format is the attachment?

Weekend lils. You’re missing out.

I don’t know. I didn’t ask her to do it.

Is this a riddle? You dont open it bcos you already know what it is? What do I win?


the attachment is a thermos containing an ice knife


Open it without macros enabled and let’s see what it is.

Don’t its yor P45 they have been trying to fire you for 3 years!

I don’t want to.

Is the mystery why you won’t open it or why she sends it?

Why she sends it I guess

Open it and then you might find out. SOLVE THE MYSTERY.

The Zodiac Killer

She’s been imprisoned in a basement, and has been granted access to a computer, but only knows one e-mail address.

The excel file contains a plea for help and notification of a significant reward for helping her in her release.

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Right you fucking pricks I have opened it, it contains stuff I understand but have no need for.

Sex positions?