Every Friday a woman from a different company sends me (and just me) an email with an attachment on it. I have never opened the attachment. Been going on for at least three years. She is called Christina.



Why do you continue to let her do this?


What file format is the attachment?


Weekend lils. You’re missing out.


I don’t know. I didn’t ask her to do it.


Is this a riddle? You dont open it bcos you already know what it is? What do I win?




the attachment is a thermos containing an ice knife


Open it without macros enabled and let’s see what it is.


Don’t its yor P45 they have been trying to fire you for 3 years!


I don’t want to.



Is the mystery why you won’t open it or why she sends it?


Why she sends it I guess


Open it and then you might find out. SOLVE THE MYSTERY.


The Zodiac Killer


She’s been imprisoned in a basement, and has been granted access to a computer, but only knows one e-mail address.

The excel file contains a plea for help and notification of a significant reward for helping her in her release.


Right you fucking pricks I have opened it, it contains stuff I understand but have no need for.


Sex positions?