Mysterious objects


Things that not even the best-funded scientists will ever be able to explain.

  • Zip mechanism - what’s actually going on in there?
  • Key fob things - can they run out of battery or something, what even are they?
  • Card readers for logging in to online banking - how do they know what your pin id identification number is?

Does anyone have any more unanswerable questions about mysterious objects?


Fax machines - you’re sending a picture as a bunch of squeals? woah


Fucking magnets


You know trees? I saw one once that had a load of apples on it.

Grabbed one and legged it obviously.

Came back the next year and you’ll never guess what.


Telephones. So I can speak to someone across the world immediately. Bullshit.


Windows - a solid object, but completely see-through? Fuck off mate, that’s witchcraft.


Calendars. How can they possibly know what day it’s going to be on a given date when it hasn’t happened yet?


If your voice can travel through phone wires instantly, could they be made bigger and then people could travel through them instantly?


Someone had stapled more apples to it? I’ve seen that happen.



MASSIVE hunks of metal and you’re telling me they can fly?



Aeroplane pilots.

MASSIVE hunks (the male ones) and you’re telling me they can fly aeroplanes?



Fiction - so someone just made that up? pffft


I think just radio generally. So ALL the radio is in the air all the time? Like radio1,2,3,4,5 Live, Capital FM, Magic 828 etc etc are all just floating around you waiting for you to turn a radio on?


How did freeview boxes download software updates when they weren’t connected to the internet? Was there some kind of secret wifi signal we aren’t aware of?


Your face is covered in radio m8, sort yourself out


sponges - that’s a dead animal turned soap delivery system is it?


Probiotic yoghurt.

What. So you’re telling me that bacteria is a good thing now? Don’t make me laugh.

Amateurbiotic yoghurt more like m4.


I wanna get close to you


so antibiotics are good, but probiotics are also good? gtfo


ooh, that’s much better :ok_hand: