Mysterious (possibly) C02 bottles (NOT CYCLING) - SOLVED (still not cycling)

As I’ve been cycling to work, I’ve noticed a lot of little, what look like, C02 bottles at the side of the road.

At first I assumed these were from negligent cyclists but I’ve since realised that they look rather smaller than the ones you get for bikes and also generally unlabelled. And occasionally they have been crushed by traffic, which I’m fairly certain is impossible with the cycling ones.

Any thoughts?

They’re nos canisters for laughing gas balloons


Maybe yes.

But definitely not for bike tyres

Yeah they’re laughing gas canisters. For ‘whipping cream’


Yeah they are nos cannisters for getting tipsy off nos balloons. Can buy them off pseudo chef websites under the impression they are for whipping cream (intended function) but i very much doubt people are having a cream whipping party by the side of the road.

So… people are driving along doing this?

This sounds pretty dangerous.

The north…

and I mean A LOT.

And I take a completely different route home to what I take in so it’s not just one iffy area.

shut it

because it’s now a banned act

Not sure? Were there any balloons dotted about anywhere? Could just be driving around and disposing as they go, i guess.

Can’t believe you made a thread about this. I thought everyone knew what they were.

Alright marckee.

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But enough about Stacey Solomon

Why are there always so many canisters in the road but never any deflated balloons? Maybe people are really whipping road side cream.

sorry I’m not a massive degenerate like ALL OF YOU LOT.


pump tyres full if nos. Getting a puncture then start laughing