🍽 ❓ 🤔 MYSTERY DINNER - guessing thread 30/09-01/10 🍽 ❓ 🤔

Thank you for sending me your mystery dinners! There are eight for you to guess. Please format your answers in order 1-8, and please spoiler your answers.

You have until 4pm to get your guesses in!

Are you ready? Of course you’re ready.

1. Chicken and pepper, and sausage and salami pizza from local Italian”


2. “My entry for this week”


3. the new weetabix: chocolate melts”


4. No-chick-in popcorn and lattice fries with alliolli”


5. Here’s a dreadful photo of a pasta bake”


6. “Baingan bharta, dal makhani, and a mahoosive naan”


7. Pretty standard fayre as you can see…”


8. Lentil and feta pie with greens”


And your :plate_with_cutlery: MYSTERY DINERS! There are eight mystery diners and eight red herrings.


Not really.

But then I have no idea what this is.

Okay I’ve read the other thread. Can I guess? If so how?

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Sorry, I pressed ‘send’ too quickly. Should all be clear now, with the edit!

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Ooh right.

Now I’ve seen it it is very hard. I feel bad about assigning number 1 to any of the possibles because it means I assume they’re sort of person who doesn’t eat their pizza crusts!!!

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Perhaps they plan to take the pizza crusts home with them?

Better to leave crusts than middle, anyway.

  1. @Urbanfox
  2. @Slicky
  3. @LilWoodyToodelly
  4. This one’s a puzzler. Someone with excellent taste in dip
  5. @still_here
  6. @Tuna
  7. @Squandered
  8. @Aggpass
  • I won’t cheat by looking at other people’s guesses
  • If I win, mine shall be a victory that is hollow

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1. Squandered
2. Hostile
3. Acceptanceiii
4. Urbanfox
5. Ccb
6. Tuna
7. Errr squandered again?
8. Epimer

I was going to enter but my tea yesterday was the exact same as what I submitted last time :sweat_smile: #batchcooking

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I think I’ve got 2 wrong

Four entries so far and it’s… close

1 urbanfox

2 aboynamedgoo

3 hostile17

4 gnome

5 squandered

6 tuna

7 no idea

8 slicky

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I’m not on the entry list

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1 - Tuna
2 - adybongo
3 - mert
4 - gnome
5 - acceptance
6 - sh
7 - spaceman
8 - squandered

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I only know one for certain and thats:

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time to guess the other seven!

1. @profk
2. @Hostile_17
3. @Tuna
4. @Gnometorious
5. @urbanfox
6. @Epimer
7. @Squandered
8. @Slicky

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