🍽 Mystery Dinner! **NEW FORMAT** - 30/09/2021

Mystery dinner is back and with a new format! Thanks @squandered for the suggestion.

So, if you want to take part:

  • Please DM me pictures of your lunch / dinner / tea / supper / any meal you like. You can submit any food you’ve eaten today regardless of whether you cooked it.
  • You have until midnight tonight to submit your entries
  • I will compile the entries and post them tomorrow morning. I will also post a list of mystery diners. To keep things interesting, I’ll include a few ‘red herrings’ of people who haven’t posted their food.
  • you can then spend the day guessing.
  • I’ll then crown the champion guesser!

Happy eating :yum: snapping :camera_flash: and guessing :thinking: !


In future, would people prefer to:

  • Snap on a Wednesday, guess on a Thursday
  • Snap on a Thursday, guess on a Friday

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Hmm not thought about dinner yet… Will participate.


Not fussy on days!

I can do either :slight_smile:

i’m eating yesterday’s dinner today so my dinner will be the one with the cobwebs

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First entry received!

Second entry received!

Don’t forget to :camera_flash: your :plate_with_cutlery: at dinner/teatime!

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Bump for the evening crew (not that there’s much difference these days)

Oh we have a few more entries now :yum:


Last call! I’m going to bed now, please send any further pics through before midnight and I’ll pick them up in the morning