Mystery Science Theater 3000

back, pog, form, etc.

movies/episodes are unknown, but it looks like others have spotted Reptilicus, Starcrash, and The Time Travelers from this promo, which matches a leaked listing from a few months back.

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Theyve just put it on Netflix too(older ones)

Ah it’s on Netflix UK? Fabulous! Just fabulous.

I’ve only seen the “film” - that is, the one where they watch This Island Earth - of the twelve put on Netflix, can anyone recommend a good place to start? Or are they all about as good as each other?

I’ve only ever seen the This Island Earth episode at some ungodly hour when I was a kid but well on for this.

I’ve watched a fair bit of MST3K, and on the whole I enjoy it, but I definitely think it suffers more when the film they’re riffing on is really old and slow. Would much prefer it with more up to date, modern films, though I know that’s difficult for copyright reasons.

Late night UK TV - I BET it was exactly the same broadcast that I saw!

@hip_young_gunslinger - would it work with a faster-paced modern film? Surely their quipping is only possible because of the slow pace. Lots of pauses and long stretches of silence.

The original team do something called RiffTrax (I think) which is an audio version you can play over modern films. I’ve not tried them though.

I just find a lot of the original ones quite dull - like even the banter can’t hold my interest in the film. And I wish they’d do away with the sketches and nonsense framing device.

Maybe I don’t actually like MST3K.


Space Mutiny seems to be the consensus Best Place to Start.

Thanks, Feed!

I just watched the Manos episode. Very funny - I even liked the skits/sketches inbetween! But then, I really like puppets. And robots. I love how Joel has to carry Servo in and out of the cinema.

New MST3K is out - so far the movies are good, but the jokes are shit (they were always shit though, tbf).
Anyone watched it yet?

judging by your username, you may like episode 2.

I’ve watched 2 episodes so far. I like it so far and I think whatever issues it has will probably be ironed out later. Episode one was good, but the host segments were a bit too obviously part of a pilot/promo; things worked better overall on episode 2. You can definitely feel Joel’s influence as it feels closer to the Joel era tone.

They’re starting a Twitch Channel to run MST all day every day