Mystic Ladybird Affection

Ladybirds seem to land on me a lot. The other Saturday one landed on me and just chilled on my shoulder for 15 minutes. I was going to get lunch so i put him in this plant pot, he just scurried away.

This morning I was chilling in bed before getting up and texting someone, one landed on my hand and didn’t move for a bit.

It’s not like I live in a high ladybird density environment either. They just seem to be drawn to me. Maybe its my aftershave?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news Jordo but I think you should get yourself checked…

I was at Boxgrove Priory last week and the place was absolutely crawling with ladybirds, never seen anything like it. Are you a 12th century priory?

That’s not a warning to be taken lightly from a former NHS Chlamydia lead.

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I haven’t had sex with any.


Rough estimate?

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Nice place that.

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Which body part are they landing on?

It says in the OP.

FWIW I have good shoulders. Average hands.


I don’t get it


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I was walking around my local area last week and opened up my e-fag to refill it and immediately a ladybird landed on the coil, presumably took a sip of sweet fag juice and then flew off high as a kite.

my son seems to attract far more than his fair share of red admiral butterflies.

Very odd.

Daddy xoxo

Ladybirds were kind of ruined for me when people (parents? Dunno) started the whole ‘oooh, that’s a poisonous one’ and all that shite. Ruined the beauty. Plus pretty sure some poisonous ladybird would have zero impact on my wellbeing…but still…poison