N00b minecraft (switch) controls question

How do you get out of/off a boat/minecart etc?

My son keeps getting stuck - no idea how to help.

Beat me to it.

Press the right stick.

Don’t know how I know this. Just innate skills I guess.

Rs does nothing. Hes in creative if that makes a difference


Found the rs answer by marckeeing, but not the bug so cheers for thst.

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I guess it means click that stick.

Has jr thewarn played any other games? Small Balonz has enjoyed MK8 and Lego City but soon gets bored. Thank you.

It does mean click the stick, but it wasnt working. Changed sensitivity from 100% to 200% - now works and j is v. Happy indeed (thanks xylo)

Onlg other game he plays is mario kart but cant watch him as he crashes into everything/steers into the barriers repeatedly bit like how you play

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