Nagano 98


Speed Skating

Ski Jumping

A simpler time.


My mate’s dad used to put a sock on his hand and broke many 100m records on international track and field on the ps1. One of the most underrated peripherals.

Is the cheap tie in joystick waggler dead? I am too long out of the game. I don’t see any on the Switch.

They’ve died a death man. It’s all loot boxes and DLC now isn’t it.

We’re breeding a generation of slow handed/fingered twats!

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Alright, granddad!

thought this thread was about (very expensive) nagano whiskeys (1998)

Ah, IT&F. My mates and I all had this weird muscle tensing technique that involved jamming a PS1 pad into your stomach with the wire round your hand and sort of having a mini-seizure. The game accused Belly of using a turbo pad once and wouldn’t log his 100m record. Great days.


You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

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↑ slow handed twat

how cruel and unfounded

Had this game when I was growing up. One of my favourites.

This year’s game look rubbish

chuckling at the thought of young balonz playing a winter olympics videogame

A 20 minute curling video. Christ.

I had Olympic Gold for the Barcelona games for the Mega Drive. Now that’s old. (I was a world record holder in archery if I recall)

Anyone play skifree?

Only every IT lesson in year 7!

That’s where I played it, was it possible to get passed the yeti?