Nagging musical similarities

Don’t look back guitar riff reminds me of boys don’t cry by the cure.

Really like this Cate Le Bon song but

That’s pretty blatant - don’t think it’s coincidental

It is different but whenever I hear m79 by vampire weekend I think of the theme from ski Sunday

Had a song in my head that was the verse of All Apologies into the chorus of Me In Honey. Works.

The chord progressions in Sisyphus by Andrew Bird are very, very similar to Hello by Lionel Richie and I can’t really unhear it now.

I heard Hotline Bling for the first time recently, and the only thing I could think was that Drake must be a pretty serious Counting Crows fan.

I really can’t believe this. Do you have some kind of anti drake device

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I actually don’t think I’ve ever knowingly heard a Drake track.

Primal Scream - Miss Lucifer

Chemical Brothers - Out of Control

…and while we’re here

Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin’ Beats

Pink Floyd - Let there be more light

…but the sample is from elsewhere. May have to go and sample the Floyd track actually…

That Streets of Rage thread has reminded me about the similarities between this:

Sounding very like The Shamen:

(I do love the SoR soundtrack though)

Some other VG music similarities here

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The Neil Young thread inspired me to revisit Harvest Moon the other day. GF asked if I was listening to Jimmy Nail which really confused me until I heard for myself. Crocodile Shoes even came out the year before ffs.

Not nagging actually, but since no one knows, whether it’s an original or a “clone” of Jarre, this thing sounds pretty similar to his album Oxygene. Unfortunately no ID available, just a suspicious video (vimeo(dot)com/349743457). And a lot noise about “leaked” tapes and a possible Oxygene 4 album next year. Gosh, seriously? Err…no.

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Niche and incredible! Also hotline bling is the wii shop music:


Welcome to the boards yo

New order nabbed the riff from run (0.32):

From Bryan Adams (2.40):

Nagged me for fucking aaaaages before I worked it out. Prefer the Bryan Adams tune FYI, no hate on new order but reckless is full o bangers.

I never go out, which is probably why. There’s a chance I’ve unknowingly heard him if his music shows up in the background of reality tv or as one of those covers on Love Island.

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Maybe even Brandy by Scott English?

Jarre or not Jarre, that’s the question!
youtube - com/watch?v=7z9J5iCmFAI