Nah I don't want it to be Monday

Nah cba mate


I completely fucked the weekend by sleeping the whole time. Left the house twice :flushed:

Honestly terrified of work today

Just want to eat pastries in bed all day, alas, I am at work


Read this as ‘pasties’ at first. Now there’s a thought.


Just falling asleep on the bus

Started the morning with my old power supply for my laptop finally doing a proper explode. The time before I had thought some water got in as it was working after a bunch of tests. Still, I bought a backup, it was just on my desk at home.

So now I’ve ordered a second new one from the same guys in Sydney as i was liking not having to carry close to a half-kilo brick around with me.

At work on my rest day for HR training*. Joy.
If I’ve got to come in on my day off, I’m at least going to treat myself to a breakfast.

Taking Ozzie to dog training tonight.

*I should probably add that this is generic HR process training, rather than anything specific for being a big racist or whatever.

Just got back home, having driven to Stansted Airport and back already this morning. Now for a full day of work. Hurrah.

WFH alone having spent the weekend lying low and having the bare minimum human interaction possible.



Morning all. Been to the gym, which will be the most active thing I do today. Might have a nap now. (I can do this, what with not working Mondays.)

ON THE WAY TO ALTON TOWERS. :roller_coaster::roller_coaster::roller_coaster::roller_coaster:


my train has broken down, how very monday of it

Only one more week of school holidays to go. Not sure if I’ll make it to the end, I’m so very exhausted.

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You can do it FL. We believe in you!


morning all :wave:

I was all very organised this morning and wrote a list of all the stuff I needed to do and when I needed to do it by so I could get to work before 9. then my electric razor ran out of battery halfway through removing my so called beard. then I remembered there were train strikes today. then there was a signal failure which ruined the few trains that were running. then the bus I was on instead got diverted and held up in traffic. so it’s just before 9 and I’m still at least 45 mins from work :clap: :frowning:

First day back at work after two and a half weeks off. Mmmmmmmmm.

Yeah, had a good weekend, so really didn’t want it to end tbqh.

Getting a folding bike loaded from my employer for a few days so looking to start cylcing again later this week.

Edit: Balls. I booked the bike last week for a few days, but then it had to go in for a repair. I left my booking, and now it’s ready to be picked up today, and someone else has made a booking for it starting tomorrow. I’ll need to figure that out…

Hey pals, I’m in Norway on a cruise and having a lovely time. Stavanger today, going to take the baby to the Children’s Museum and hopefully the botanical gardens. Also hoping to find a bottle shop to pick up some Lervig beers as they’re local. Was feeling nostalgic so re read a load of Adrian Mole books over the last few days. Very relaxed for once.


Feeling surprisingly… good? Don’t know what’s wrong.

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