Nail cutting power thread

  • Scissor using ubermensch
  • Nail clipping twat
  • Chew/rip bogan

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Chew and rip shouldn’t be lumped in together

  • bite
  • pick

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Used to bite my nails, now I only bite and chew the skin.


You filthy animals are all the same to me


Realised recently that Mrs HYG used a different set of nail clippers to me, one where the the snipping but curved outwards rather than inwards, meaning that her nails ended up in little points. Can’t fathom why you would design nail clippers like that, or use them once you noticed how awful they were.


Recently stopped ripping/biting them off. Now use nail scissors and file and feel incredibly smug about it


You are going to have prove your self over the course of the next twelve months before you can truly join the big gang.


I alternate between scissors and nail clipper, depending on whether I’m in the bathroom or bedroom.

Biters and tearers are among the worst people on the planet.


Biting. Does a much neater job than cutting I reckon, no sharp edges left.

My dad used to sit there picking the big toe nail on one foot with the big toe nail of the other which, while I admire the dexterity, used to make me feel slightly ill.


Lol, as if anyone who bites their nails has any concept of what neat nails looks like.