things you’ve been naive about?

reading through the food blog me and my ex used to write together just now, and apparently back in 2011, I predicted that Meateasy/liqor/wagon wouldn’t get much exposure or grow because of its location in New X.

also thought that Cornwall was a different country until I was about 13.

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Trump and Brexit: ‘there aren’t that many daft/racist/easily manipulated people, we’ll be fine’

Trying to be less naïve but also not a jaded twat about it all (hard)


My own self worth, once, I guess

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I played a shepherd at our school one in year 2


Interesting thread PK. Did you know that the word ‘naivety’ is actually being dropped from the next version of the Oxford English Dictionary?

i don’t believe it.

You’re thinking of gullible.

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Bit early to start banging on about xmas mate.

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Still not convinced on this but MrS assured me that the toilet drain and sink drains all go to the same place so the school was right to partially blame me putting Plaster of Paris down the sink as a reason for the toilets blocking.

On the positive side, weeing in the shower obviously fine!

Is this even true? @marckee ??

Cornwall may as well be a different country. Those damn freaks. (don’t go to Cornwall)

They’ll tell you that technically it is as it’s never had an Act Of The Union with either England or The UK.

I’m spending Easter in Cornwall :+1:


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I used to think that people who worked in shops were celebrities

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I didn’t know you had to pay for water until I moved out of my parent’s house.

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Something something acts of union with relatives

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Same. Still wonder what they’d do if you just didn’t pay. Can they cut you off?

I used to think the likes of FHM was hardcore pornography

You must have had an eye-opening day when you found out that wasn’t true

I think my assumption had been

Softcore = hands / some form of clothing over the breasts
Hardcore = unadulterated nipple mayhem