Name a better single

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Genuine answer


the non SPACEMAAAAAAN bit of this always really pisses me off.

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You need to learn to love it. The prechorus is fucking amazing. Actually all of it is equally as good as the chorus. Fuck off.

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absolute bollocks from 0:30 imo

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you can go and fuck yourself

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You can go and sit on your own penis

God listen to that prechorus

yeah my mum’s dead. real classy.

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Remember being on the dole at my mums and rediscovering Spacemand and it tied me over for about a month

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My mum asked me on WhatsApp if there’s anything I want for my birthday and I said “no” which has done me

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She said “Shutup [barleysugar]”"

Frozen Madonna sampled Pure Shores

  • I know
  • Fuck off

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living with my parents atm - gonna count over the weekend how many times my mum tells me to fuck off.

my mum has never told me to fuck off

you’ve never lived.

Come my lady come come my lady, you’re my butterfly, sugar, baby

never figured out how they kept a straight face filming this