Name a song that puts chills down your spine


Below, comment one song that you have listened to that gives you chills. Next to the song title type your favorite part. Non-mainstream artists preferred.







Gonna give a serious answer to this, because I’ve often raved about this song as giving me chills down my spine:

It’s the combination of toms, bass and sculptured feedback … and the high notes in the chorus (“do what you do”). Just a phenomenal song.




Oh to have been in the audience when that was recorded. Still possibly the single greatest piece of music put out by Erased Tapes to date, and that is saying something.


Grease Lightning. Multiple chills.


It’s just amazing.
I went to see nils frahm last year but massively overdid it beforehand and just walked out half way through without saying anything to the person I was there with, what a fuckjng idiot.


I really wish I lived in or near London for the Erased Tapes southbank stuff that’s been happening recently. I need to see Frahm live (and Arnalds/Kiasmos too).


He’s playing Glasgow again next year so I’m gonna get tickets, and try and not get too toasted this time :grinning::+1:


If you’re gonna make a joke then at least get the right song! The song is ‘you’re the want that I want’



What a fucking spanner I am! Apologies.



Chills down your spine not roofs off your house


Hard to pick one as three come to mind immediately, but I’m going with The Rip by Portishead.

And you know which bit I mean - her long note while everything flows and evolves underneath. Magical.