Name an artist you reckon no one has thought about in years

Constantines. Absolute choon;

Pink Grease
Cutting Pink With Knives
Elliot Minor

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One of my favorite discoveries from this place.

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That’s another great shout. I listened to Danse Macabre a hell of a lot. I can’t say it was ever one of my favourite ever albums or anything, but it was one that didn’t seem to get boring. Afterwards I listened to Blank-Wave Arcade (wrong order I know) and it was good but wasn’t quite as compelling. Then I forgot all about them.

Looked them up on Spotify and it seems they had a new album out last year. Who’d have though tit? I guess I’ll have to check out iout now.


Well I can safely say I’ve not thought about them in years, or indeed at all. But I’m really pleased this is a genuine one and that a band really exists with that name.

Slightly less pleased a few seconds into the first song I found on Spotify.


thought about them 5 days ago actually :slightly_smiling_face:

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They were supporting the Dum Dums at King Tuts in Glasgow late 2000, which was one of my earliest gigs, never heard of them again after - think they’ll be the least thought of act that I’ve heard of in this thread at least.

The UK’s answer to Outkast, Big Brovaz


The Blueskins

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Thought about them the other day. Might put on that album this week. Can barely remember it but I do remember it being really good and a bit before its time

Yep, I typically listen to loads of Midlake every autumn (started a bit early this year earlier today - summer definitely feels like it’s on its way out…).

Found a good “Midlake: where are they now?” article from last year:

Can’t believe Antiphon was released nearly 7 years ago.

The good news is that another album might still be on the cards.

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Still hammer their 1st record on a regular basis

Drugstore. First album and singles were magical.



American Analog Set


The Little Ones

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Ice Kid

Darkstar (either the hyperdubby one or the proggy one)

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