Name an artist you reckon no one has thought about in years

They should have a revival, that were a the spoken word, post punk thing years before it was cool.


Their bassist is a TV upholstery guy now, and posts about it on Facebook a fair bit. It’s actually quite sweet.

I do love a lot of the new wave but My Elixir My Poison is better than any of them. Such a shame they never followed it up (and it never got s vinyl pressing)

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Fun Lovin’ Criminals


Played this in a music league round a couple of weeks ago, so thought of them quite recently.

If I ever get my dream project reissue label off the ground…

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Think about them most Saturday mornings, tbf


I was relentlessly pushed free tickets for their tour earlier this month so I’ve been thinking about them a bit recently tbh tbf…

Huey left the band about a year ago and they’re trying to play venues of the same size as in their heyday, so this doesn’t surprise me unduly…

They’ve kept going without him? I mean, I was no fan to start with but that must be brutal, just like a covers band

I don’t follow them on the socials but an advert post appeared on my Facebook feed for the tour, which included them trolling anyone in the comments that mentioned Huey…


Project A-Ko