Name an artist you reckon no one has thought about in years

Makes me a bit sad that they’ve been mentioned in this thread

My work constantly have Kiss FM on and I have, unfortunately, been reminded of the existence of Alphabeat.


This feels like the musical equivalent of losing The Game

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Was lost last year


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Unfortunately have thought about them lately.

Warning: douchebag saying bad words



Ahh, remember when some people wore hats.

lol I somehow forgot about that video, thank you for the reminder.

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Wow that’s…very bad on many levels isn’t it.

The Strypes

I heard this on 6 music this morning for the first time since it was released many decades ago. I remember it as being shit, so was surprised to find it’s not bad actually (EDIT - after just watching the video for a second time, I was right, is shit.)

As for being an artist no one has thought of in years. I thought Mr Juice Jones was a perfect candidate. That even he will have forgotten he had a recording career. Shame on me, this video has 27 million fucking views.
When is he releasing the follow up though?

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To hide their baldness? I think Ride is still doing that.

Was utterly obsessed by the first Idiot Pilot album at uni, still think about it all the time. Shame the second one took so long to be released (vaguely recall it was recorded and ready to go for a year or two and the label fucked them) and they lost a bit of momentum, reckon they could have had a much bigger career.

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Used to chat to one of them after interviewing them. He has a solo project. Can’t remember what it was called

From one of their member’s Wikipedia page

In 2010, Anderson officially held the fifth highest score ever recorded on Nintendo’s Tetris .[3] He has a brief cameo in the season 8 episode of CSI: New York , “Kill Screen”, which is about competitive gaming.[4]

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just had a vague memory of El Presidente for a second there. Pretty sure they didn’t exist though, so it’s fine.

Ooh Frente!

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