Name an artist you reckon no one has thought about in years

gonna go out on a limb and say Aerosmith are not very good

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i put this in the wrong thread, sorry squad

Tbf I hadn’t thought of Aerosmith in ages

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MIddle Class Rut


Hearts of Black Science
The High Wire

Abandoned Pools


Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Apparently the guy who fronts this was the original bassist and one of the founder members of Eels, which strikes me as an odd fit but hey.


Sure is. Agree seems an unlikely fit

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Shoes and Socks Off
The Chapman Family
The Robot Vs (I lost my MP3s of these :frowning: so if anyone can help out that would be great, been impossible to find so far)

Mr Hudson and the Library


Just remembered ‘Choir of young believers’ while browsing the WHSmiths vinyl selection

Hollow Talk is amazing


Half Cousin



Without being aware of it, my entire wardrobe for whatever year ‘Fascination’ came out consisted of exactly what the lads are wearing in the video for it.

I observed this last time I seen the video, and had to go back and look through photos to check how accurate this was. It’s weird, because the video has a sort of hauntological sense of being a lot older than it is, or a throwback to Prefab Sprout in the 80s or something, but anybody who watches it who was at sixth-form/uni at the time who shopped on the high street will recognise those polo shirts, cardigans, jeans etc.

H and M was a powerful thing!

Video looks like a final fantasy 8 cutscene


Linoleum - I had that 7 inch single in an actual linoleum sleeve.

And Earwig, they were good for that one 12inch single I had.

When I say had, I mean have, somewhere

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