Name an artist you reckon no one has thought about in years

The Invisible

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The Lemonheads

The Kennedy Soundtrack

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I think about them whenever I think of shite nu-metal all-dayers I used to go to, which is about once a month. See also: Capdown


The Sunshine Underground

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Charlotte Hatherley (:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)




They toured last winter selling out 3 nights at Bush Hall and one at Hebden Bridge from memory - it was a great gig and possibly better than the last time I’d seen them in 94. I’d gone to see Oasis at the Astoria as I was a fan of both bands at the time.But left it too late and missed out on tickets ended up going to see Adorable at the Marquee down the road which was great and just before they split (and got a few comments from punters and the band about the Oasis t-shirt). Had got over Oasis within a year so grateful how that turned out.
I listen to them this day and hoping for a Fake re-issue on vinyl after Against Perfection got one.

The Edsel Auctioneer is a good shout - was a welcome discovery through Gideon Coe’s show and I ended up buying the eponymous LP - but not listened to it in a bit.

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I’m not sure there was/is a right time for Adorable; like Chameleons they seemed neither ahead of or behind their time. Nor obviously was it the right time! There was a real muscularity to the band that obviously didn’t sit right with the other stuff people were listening to, and also was at odds with Piotr (sp?) image-wise.

The first time I saw them, I was expecting a bog-standard performance of indie-rock which some navel-gazing and shuffling; nothing like the full-on tantrum-rock that occurred!

Really, really good band IMO, both on record and in performance. “much overlooked”!!

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An Emotional Fish

Molly Half Head

Big fan of posts like this, as it just makes you want to go and investigate.

Had completely forgotten about this song. It’s class eh!

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Boy, I really hated that band.

The Dead 60’s

Yes… I’ve always thought they were a band out of sync somehow… Slightly more tune based than the other shoegazers with vocals not buried so much in the mix…less introspective in attitude as you say… shades of echo and the bunnymen… not fitting with the britpop scene round the corner… Always felt they could have been “bigger” in other circumstances… Chameleons seems like a good shout of a similar case… There’s probably a thread alone on this subject

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Touring with Mayhem next year, seriously considered getting tickets but the price and you know…all the other stuff.

Mayhem were bobbins when I saw them, I wouldn’t bother