Name and rate your local ITV News

ITV Meridian. A strong 8/10.

That Fred off How2 used to be one of the presenters but think he’s left now.


I like the backdrop with the lights reflecting off the river. Looks nice.

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Yes. Very nice.

I’m sure your man at the top presents Central News sometimes, or at least used to.

Otherwise it’s Bob Warman who I believe has been doing it since time immemorial. There’s also a weatherman called Des who seems to be a bit of a character.

Don’t watch it that regularlybut give it a rating of news/10.

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I don’t think I’ve seen ITV local news in about 10 years.

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ITV Meridian is my local ITV news. Absolutely shit compared with BBC South Today imho. Fred Dineage is a Pompey regular.

Only just found out thanks to this thread that we haven’t had Grampian News for 16 years now.

Fairly sure the last time I watched Granada Reports Bob Greaves was presenting it. Wikipedia tells me he retired from the show in 1999…

Anglia. Shite.

Look East is dece though but Stewart White retired, sad times.

Granada Reports, class

Bob Warman

I once edited his Wikipedia page to say he liked going down the park to punch geese in the neck

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I remember recently they had a segment where Des went to talk to local weather enthusiasts and it was fucking nuts cause they clearly had spent a fair bit of money on it. All mad drone shots and that

Just looked him up and he used to be in Eastenders in the 90s. Got sacked as a weatherman on the BBC as well apparently.

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