Name changes


Who here has changed their name? Or know anyone that has? Any anecdotes?

Often want to change mine. Only thing stopping me is having weird conversations with people who know me about it.

Think we should change our name every birthday.

Let's all change our names

Might be mistaken but I think @PocketMouse did?


I’ve very successfully rebranded from Ant to Tony


Changing your first name’s a bit weird, unless for whatever reason you were moving away and having a completely fresh start.

Changing your surname’s much less weird, i think.


Did you formally arrange this with friends and family? Like a conversation that “I want to be Tony from now on” or something else, like passively aggressively correcting ant to Tony and tutting.


What would you change it to?


Just the standard stuff, changed my name on my Facebook and other social media outlets, started signing greetings cards as “Lots of love - Yr Boy Tone” etc etc


Ask the mods to change it to Tonypocalypsenow. Or Antpocalypsethen…


Well it’s have to be a regular changing because I like so many names. Quite fancy something Scandinavian like Inga. There was a woman in silent witness last night called Inga Meyer, sounded well cool.


Yeah, changed my surname when I was 16 to create a bit of distance from my absent father’s side of the family.

Shame, though, because if kept it I’d have been Dr van der [redacted]. Gutted.


My online brand and my IRL personal brand aren’t as synergised as they could be, you’re right.


Have you?

Apologies if I upset you at football calling you ‘Ant’ then.

Raffle prize receiving thread :gift:

Why do you think I haven’t played for while…


@AphexTwinkletoes to thread


@Antpocalypsenow there’s a badge for that you know…


I just assumed that you’d been dropped.


When my ex wife was at uni she had a friend called Paul. They stayed in touch after uni, and we went to stay with them once where they lived in Sterling

We met his girlfriend there, and after a bit of chat she said to my ex - can I ask you, why do you call George, Paul?

It turned out when he arrived at Uni he found himself in a flat share with someone else called George, so to avoid confusion started using his middle name and it stuck all through Uni - but non uni friends all knew him as George

Bit weird




I think there’s a rule whereby, for example, Davids become Daves on their 30th birthday. Always thought it might be linked to generic dad stuff, like kicking tyres to tell if cars work, or owning a spirit level.

50-year-old Davids or Anthonys are pretty much guaranteed to be weird.


I can fuck with that theory. Probably started around the same time as I bought a set of six screwdrivers when one would have done now that I think about it…