Name changes


My old housemate was Richard but we all thought he was Jack.

Found it fascinating for some reason as he could never really explain it, he liked his real name so idk.

I sat next to a Rachel who turned out to be a Hillary.


antpocalypsenow now tonypocalypsenow


My mate Neil from work is called Nige by all his from-home mates so I call him Nige or Nigey-Boy or Nasty-Nige sometimes.


Nothing more embarrassing than when your parents are massive beatles fans




Does your mum call you Tony, or does she insist on the longform version in the same Hyacinth Bucket tone that used to be followed by ‘…tea’s ready’?


My great-grandad - Granddad Jack’s actual name was John and his wife, my great-Nan - Nanny Rose’s actual name was Dorothy.


the same guy at the time we visited was sharing an office with a John and a Paul (as he was now back to being George)

They had a sign on the door saying “Dr Starkey is on leave” or something like that


My grandmother’s name was Hubertina, but she went by Teeny.


Me Ma indulges me by calling me Tony sometimes, me Pa is having none of it.


Well, my oma.


Yes it seems to happen a lot with older generations, though Jack is the diminutive of John so that’s very common.





Yeah, my school bus driver was called Jack but actually called John and he said “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, my boy” to me when I started calling him John once which was weird as it was more insolent than sarcastic. Old idiot.


Do I still get the badge?


Her middle name was Petronella. Hubertina Petronella van der [redacted]. What a name.


Fair play to him. Can’t let you alpha him, can he.


That’s my new name sorted.

Reminds me a bit of Broomhilda or however you spell it, which is a totally amazing name.


Considered changing my name to Hatey Smashteeth after this thread: