Name foods you can't eat due to an allergy or something

and describe the symptoms if you were to eat it.

Avocado gives me stomach pains for some reason.

Cinnamon aftershock and strongbow - threw up too much one time


I physically cannot swallow jaeger on its own.

I’m hungover and feel sick as fuck but fappable bought me a meal deal from Tesco in exchange for me putting the bedsheets on and then I rewound Masterchef to watch Spencer’s background piece and then I ate a flame grilled steak McCoys

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I’m more of a salt and vinegar McCoy’s guy, but steak are my second choice, enjoy

As a kid eggs used to bring me out in a rash.

It seemed to disappear though, and I love eggs nowadays.

I think pulses make me fart a lot, I hate it.

Paracetamol gives me a stomach ache -took me several years as a kid of thinking that stomach ache was a symptom of whatever mum had given me paracetamol for before I worked it out

If I don’t eat meat for ages and then I eat meat.

apple juice/too many apples in a row.

Dates. I vomit immediately. Not sure what it is about them. Last time was down the marble steps of a very rich Arab’s place in the Middle East.

Don’t worry man everyone gets a bit nervous before them


Bread makes me feel really sick. I still eat it though.

I can’t eat parsnips or mushrooms, causes an unpleasant taste in my mouth

The only foodstuffs I don’t like are parsnip when it’s been boiled/steamed (like it roasted) and green beans. Cheers.

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Cucumber. Stomach cramps followed by the shits

got recently diagnosed with reflux and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so there’s a whole list of things i’m probably going to have to say goodbye to, not least caffeine, chocolate, alcohol and dairy

previous to that, can’t eat Quorn products as it gives me the runs every time without fail.

Black olives - totally fine with the oil and green olives though. But yeah, horrible stomach ache followed by the shits.

If we’re talking stuff I can’t have due to an actual intolerance, cow’s milk and cream make me feel really bloated and sick these days. Fine with yoghurt and cheese though.

If we’re talking about psychological issues with food, that would be a looooong list.

Pear Drops. Will without fail make me cough uncontrollably.

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Always sneeze when I have blue extra chewing gum and chocolate mousse