Name foods you can't eat due to an allergy or something

Same! I have them in the car and every day I can’t resist then every day a near death coughing fit.

Oh yeah, I still eat them. Do you know what it is that causes the coughing?

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allergic to brazil nuts and maybe also pecans and macadamias? can’t remember but avoid them all anyway. they give me an itchy mouth and make me breathless and vomity

vinegary stuff makes my scalp sweaty and itchy but i eat it anyway



Actual black olives, or the ones they sell in supermarkets that are basically green (under-ripe) olives treated to turn them black?

Walnuts/pecans/brazil nuts. Makes my lips/mouth/throat unbearably itchy - not full-on anaphylaxis but it’s really unpleasant. Weirdly, the same thing happens with under-ripe pears sometimes, too.

i feel like coffee often makes me shit but not to a particularly catastrophic degree

I thought I might have a gluten intolerance after visiting Temple Of Seitan a couple of times and always getting brutal stomach cramps afterwards but then realised it was because I was eating two days worth of food in one sitting.


I’ve had them on pizzas both here and in Italy when I was younger before I realised that’s what messed me up, and from a jar when I suspected that they were the problem.

So in short I dunno. As I say I’ve had green olives loads and never had any problems.

I had a reaction to Brazil nuts a few years ago despite having never had any reaction before - has yours been a lifelong thing?

Same! But I get it with raw apples as well -
Don’t like pears do not sure about how I react to those

My slight nut and apple allergy started when I was about 28?


Mine was early thirties.

Nothing, I am a super being from the future sent to devour all foods. Anything too spicy does a number on my guts nowadays though.

Same here.

I don’t think I’ve got any allergies at all. Hopefully I’ve passed on my superhuman abilities to Jimbo too.

Butternut squash/sweet potatoes - give me the runs
Any dairy - gives me constipation and tonsillitis flare up
Protein shakes - wind
Actually almost everything gives me wind

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If you look up NSAIDS it could explain why

Pine nuts. Causes me about two weeks of taste disturbance - everything tastes metallic and bitter.