Name foods you can't eat due to an allergy or something

u are right, for ages I was under the impression it was! I thought it was strange as it was never advertised as being anti inflammatory.

Whereas mine is lifelong; my mum has the same thing and I think hers is, too. Some people reckon it’s hayfever-related, except I don’t get hayfever (or if I do, it’s so mild I don’t really notice) - but eczema/asthma do run in our family.

It’s very tiresome having to try and explain to people that yes, I have a nut allergy but only to certain kinds of nuts and no it won’t kill me but it is really unpleasant so I would much rather not have something with those certain kinds of nuts in but I’m not going to die if your chocolate cake was made in a kitchen where there also peanuts.

I got this once, about ten years ago, and avoided pine nuts for ages afterwards because it was so horrible to have everything I ate/drank taste disgusting for two weeks. But I’ve had pine nuts a few times recently without problems, which made me wonder if it was a problem with the specific batch I ate ten years ago or something - does it happen for you every time?

To be honest I’ve done the same as you and just avoided them. It was after a bike ride and, in despereate need for something to eat, just shovelled a fistful of pine nuts into my mouth. Cue two weeks of everything tasting terrible.

I think it was a certain type of pine-nut. Google ‘dysgeusia pine nuts’ and there’s some decent reading about.

Quorn. Seriously ill after the three times i ate it

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