Name of the Year 2019

Some real humdingers this time round:

backing jonathan anomaly

Wish i was called shaky sherpa



Definitely a 930 bbc2 comedy drama

Belle and Sebastian b-side

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Shall I run this as an actual tournament via the magic of polls?

  • Yes
  • No

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Imagine the disappointment of getting a notification that someone has tagged you in a thread called «Name of the Year» and then it’s just this.


I’ll take ten votes as a quorum. We shall begin!

Are these real names? Or real names just from US sports?

In other words: Can this be real? Funny names?

Absolutely done

But if General Booty doesnt take home the prize, ill kill myself

The contenders in the first quadrant:


  • Dr Trentington Outhouse
  • Myking Worboys

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  • Dijonnaise Norman
  • Eriberto Pop Can

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  • Tushna Commissariat
  • Syncere Friends

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  • Truman Peyote
  • Storm Duck

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  • Apollokreed Gardner
  • Toka Badboy

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  • Manchester United MacGyver
  • Rebel Snodgrass

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  • Vinay Pimplé
  • Ionosphere Torres

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  • Pretzel Monteclaro
  • Terry Tickhill Terrell

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