Name one thing in this picture


Reminds me of loads of familiar things. But like dreams and drug use, mainly.

Actually quite like it

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Easter bunny in a K Hole above the furry arm choker parrot headed dog thing

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A rack of earrings like you’d see at Claire’s on the left



it looks like my grandads old house

Jeez I wondered why this was freaking me out so much

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There’s nothing that proves that’s the case though, it’s just what one person said on Reddit. It first appeared on some chan site apparently so it’s not like it came from some clinical trial or something.

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felt really anxious for a good 2 minutes after looking at that

Think there’s the skin and head of a Paddington in the corner, one of those shoe holder things full of tiny shoes and some giant sweet wrappers. Looks like a photo of an untidy student bedroom that’s been fed through Google Deep Dream

did it again


makes me restless and my entire head feel weird

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Having had another good look, is it a kitchen work surface? Think the thing at the side is a cheese grater and the weird animal pelt might be the underside of a big mushroom

White horse’s head toward the back right hand side?

Looks like a load of market stall tat, with hunners of cellophane all over the place.

Not clear whether it’s a ‘natural’ photo, staged photo, or CGI.

Lotta 10% away from certainty about identification things.

Most unsettling.

Hungry for more info on this, pls.

That’s properly fucked me up. Like @hip_young_gunslinger I immediately thought of the DeepMind thing but it’s really terrifying regardless.

So is there any more of this sort of thing?

This popped into my thoughts again today. :neutral_face:

Which reminded me of

Is Mr Trebus a role model now or something?